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In 1987, Lubbock County Bar Association President Robert Wilson established The Lubbock Law Notes. The Lubbock County Bar Association’s monthly publication was recognized in 1993 by the State Bar of Texas with the Star of Achievement Award. Copies of Law Notes are delivered to members of the Lubbock County Bar Association via first-class mail on a monthly basis. Submissions to Law Notes are always welcome. The deadline for submissions for the monthly issue of Law Notes is 12:00 p.m. on the third Friday of each month.

The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all submitted material for content and form. Additionally, the editorial staff assumes no obligation to print submitted material and reserves the right to refuse to publish submitted material at its sole discretion. The preferred format for submissions is in Microsoft Word.

We look forward to, and thank you in advance for your submissions to Law Notes. For questions or comments about Law Notes, feel free to contact me.


Kristi Ward, Editor
UMC Health System
Office of General Counsel

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